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Pitfalls Seen in a Turn to Privately Run Long-Term Care

July 31, 2014
By Nina Bernstein  MARCH 6, 2014 – “Another health care overhaul is underway in many states: an ambitious effort to restrain the ballooning Medicaid cost of long-term care as people live longer and survive more disabling conditions.” Texas is one of many states making the move to managed care. Read Full Article Senator Cardin Raises Question on Flawed Part B Therapy Manual Medical Review

By AHCA Press Office APRIL 10, 2014 “Sen. Cardin stressed the point that the current cap on therapy services – currently $1,920 yearly – is not good health policy. He also pointed out that the therapy claims review process, known as manual medical review (MMR), could be problematic both financially and physically for Medicare beneficiaries if access to services is compromised.” Read Full Article

Lawmakers go to bat for providers over backlogged Medicare appeals

By James M. Berklan MAY 22, 2014 “Angry lawmakers ripped an overwhelmed Medicare appeals process that has wilted under a tenfold increase in audits recently. Federal officials from two key agencies agreed that the Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program needs to be revised.” Read Full Article

Legend Transitional Care™ Center Deficiency-Free Four Years in a Row

January 25, 2011

McAllen, TX

Legend Transitional Care™ in McAllen, Texas is proud to announce that it has recently received zero deficiencies in its annual survey conducted by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. This marks the fourth consecutive year for this accomplishment.

Legend Transitional Care™ is a free standing skilled nursing facility that specializes in short term rehab in a non-nursing home environment. “If not for the extreme hard work and dedication from the staff of Legend the deficiency-free survey would not be possible, especially four years in a row” as stated by the Administrator, Michael Koch.